Learning has never been more personalised than ever before. Our community consists of self-learning geeks flued by RLE (reTHINK learning ecosystem), a blended, peer learning platform which provides customized learning paths for you.

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We connect geeks to share resources, experiences and perspectives. A community is about people having close relationships with each other & we encourage our members to do so.

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We believe learning should be more fun and less stressful. We conduct Jams, Brainstorming sessions on multidisciplinary projects with members in various cities with unlimited coffee, food and music.

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We live and breath technology and we are always excited to build/innovate new products which can enhance or improve the quality of life in exponential ways. We provide a platform for innovative geeks to brainstorm, validate, monetize and market products.

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Learning is doing and it's crucial that skills learnt are applicable in real-world industry. We work closely with corporates, startups & organisations to outsource individuals and teams to hire members & work on remote projects.

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