Who we are?

We started FnPlus because as tech geeks, our passion for technology and coding wasn't appreciated or valued in the academic race. Being lifelong learners, we feel we can bring much more value to the table.

FnPlus's mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning and make you feel valued. We find untapped or underutilized talent, and train them for the most in-demand jobs in the world. The self-paced platform helps you learn by doing and gain 21st-century skills like collaboration, empathy, and creativity. We connect with businesses for the selection, hiring, engagement, and evaluation of members.

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Our #SuperGeeks

Saurav Jaiswal

Community Manager

Dev Daksan

Product Contributor

Abhishek Kumar

Product Contributor

Abdul Kadir

Product Contributor

Teja Kummarikuntla

Workshop Speaker

Abhiram Reddy Duggempudi

Resources / Project Contributor

Juhi Singh

Content Writer / Community Evangelist

Warren White

Workshop Speaker

Ayush Shekhar

Workshop Speaker / Contributor

Arjun Mahishi

Product Contributor

Sri Harsha Gajavalli

Mentor / Workshop Speaker

Abhishek Mishra

Community Evangelist / Organiser

Vijay Krishna V

Product Contributor

Akash M

Community Evangelist / Contributor

Kailash S

Community Evangelist / Organiser

Felix Chandran

Workshop Speaker

Asapanna Rakesh

Product Contributor / Writer

Aman Nirala

Community Contributor / Organiser

Syed Rafi Naqvi

Community Evangelist / Organiser

Swamim Saikia

Community Evangelist

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Abhishek Uniyal